You hear strange noises coming from inside this egg

Inside a little bird’s egg, there is more than just the baby chick. In fact, eggs have many more secrets that people don’t know about. Eggs are incredible and they need to be taken care of properly in order for them to become delicious fried eggs or hard boiled eggs. There are several steps that must be taken when caring for an egg so it can eventually hatch into a new life.
Hatch your own egg with this step by step guide!

You hear strange noises coming from inside this egg. You open it and find a baby dinosaur! What do you do? This is the question I will answer in my blog post about dinosaurs. I’ll tell you how to care for them, what they eat, and other fun facts about these amazing creatures. Get ready to learn all about dinosaurs!

In fact, I’m convinced it’s not an egg at all! It sounds like a chicken to me. If I were you, I’d crack it open and have a look inside.

This egg reminds you of the sea

It’s a big, blue sea. It’s a small, yellow sun. This egg reminds you of the sea because it is large and round and blue with tiny little bubbles on it like the waves that lap onto the shoreline. There are also two white lines running vertically on both sides of the egg- one for each side of its face- which make you think about how an artist might draw a horizon line in their picture so that they know where to place land masses or seascapes within the frame. The other white lines on this egg- those horizontal ones running parallel to its top half- remind you of how we often see clouds blowing across some picturesque landscape from left to right, even if there is no wind at all in.

1. A lot of people are afraid to cook eggs because they think it’s hard or messy
2. Step one is cracking the egg on a flat surface, not the edge of a bowl
3. Crack open your egg and put it in a bowl, then whisk with salt and pepper
4. Heat up some oil in a pan until it starts to sizzle, then pour the egg mixture into the pan
5. Put cheese on top if you want to make an omelette-style dish
6. Cook for about three minutes, flipping once halfway through cooking time

That egg reminds me of the sea. The waves are just like a smooth, white blanket gently rolling in and out with the tide.

This egg is hidden in the trees

There is an egg hidden in the trees. It sits right at eye level and it’s so easy to spot that I don’t know how you couldn’t see it. You can see the egg from miles away, but when you get close enough to touch it, suddenly you’re not sure what do with your hands. Is this a thing? Did someone just leave their eggs here for anyone who wants them? Why would they do that? How long have these eggs been sitting up there waiting for me to find them? What if someone else finds them first and takes them home before I even get the chance to take one!

You must be joking! Hiding an egg up in the trees is a lot of work. Besides, I’m not sure if it’s even safe!

This egg is covered in thick blue stripes

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I cracked open this egg. It’s a day old and it doesn’t have any of the bright, fresh yellow yolk that you see in eggs from hens who’ve just been fed corn and soybean meal. But this egg is covered in thick blue stripes that look like they were painted on with watercolors, or maybe paint markers? The only thing is that there was no paint spilled anywhere near my kitchen table. So where did these strange blue stripes come from? It turns out, the answer to the mystery lies inside of me- well actually inside of my uterus! What happened to create these blue lines is called chorioamnionitis which happens when bacteria enter through a tear.

A new study has found that people are more likely to eat their eggs when they come in a carton with blue stripes on them. Researchers at the UBC Okanagan campus conducted experiments involving over 300 people and found that those who were given eggs with blue stripes would peel off the eggshells faster than those who had plain white or no stripe. They also ate more of the egg afterwards, if there was an edible part left remaining. The researchers suggest that this is because the psychological effects of seeing something ‘blue’ make us feel calm and safe. This sense gives us permission to enjoy our food without worrying too much about it – even if we’re eating something as messy as raw eggs! In other words, blue = yummy!

This egg is covered in thick blue stripes. It’s also striped with black and white, but it’s hard to see because those colors blend in with the eggs shell.

This egg has a rough shell

I am not sure if this is an Easter egg or a dinosaur egg. Maybe it’s both? I was walking around the yard and found this hard shell that had something inside of it. It made me think of how there are so many eggs in our lives. Some are easy to break open, like chocolate eggs with delicious candy inside, but others have a tougher exterior and require more time to crack them open. We often want to rush through life because we feel pressured by all the responsibilities we have on our plate, but sometimes taking your time can be just as rewarding as what you find at the end of the rainbow!

This egg feels smooth to the touch. If you were blind, this would be a great way to find out if an egg is fresh.


What could it be? Is there a tiny baby chick inside this egg, trying to break free? Or maybe an alien creature from outer space is just waiting for the perfect moment to escape and wreak havoc on your home. As you get closer the sound intensifies and suddenly- CRACK! The egg breaks open revealing what was hidden inside all along. It’s just a little toy dinosaur that squeaks when you press its belly button. You’re relieved because now you know how silly those noises were, but also disappointed because of course it wasn’t anything exciting or scary after all.

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