About the Site

Bloggerplant.com is a blog, founded by Michael Prokstine, This blog is about technology, health, food, tips and guide. The website has been designed to make the readers easy to understand the information that is provided on it. It has its own team of writers who provide their valuable knowledge through articles and discussions.

This site offers you unique reviews of gadgets like smartphones or laptops as well as fitness trackers from brands such as Fitbit or Apple Watch. Moreover, it provides you with delicious recipes for great tasting dishes in addition to helpful beauty tips which will help you get rid of unwanted hair or wrinkles in no time!

About Me

Michael Prokstine

I am Michael Prokstine, Founder of bloggerplant.com and content writer at Blogger Plant. I graduated from college with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.
After graduation, I interned for a few months before going to work for an established blog company where I was the head editor.

I have always been passionate about blogging so when the opportunity arose for me to start my own business, it seemed like fate!

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