How To View A Friends Wishlist On Steam

We will be going over how to view a friend’s wishlist on Steam. First, open up the Steam app and click “friends.” Next, find the option that says “wishlist” or something similar. After clicking it you should see your friend’s list of games they have added to their wishlists. You can then sort by alphabetical order or release date depending on what you are looking for! This is just one of many useful features in Steam that make it an awesome gaming platform for gamers around the world. If you need any help with anything else about Steam feel free to comment down below!

Have you ever wanted to peek at your friends’ wishlist on steam, but didn’t know how? Well, this blog post is going to help you out. Read below for a step-by-step guide on viewing your friends’ wishlists on steam.
1) Open up the Steam app and click “Friends” in the left navigation bar. 2) Click “View Public Profile.” Your friend’s profile should be visible here with all of their information listed out as well as a list of games they have added to their wishlist. You can view this list by clicking “See Wishlist.” This will show you what games they want and may want in the future!

1. Log into your steam account
2. Click the “Friends” tab on the top of the page
3. On this new page, click on any friends name to view their wishlist
4. If you want to add something from a friend’s wishlist to your own, find it in their list and click “Add To My Wishlist”
5. You can also send them an item by clicking on their profile photo and selecting “Send Gift This Friend”
6. If you want to purchase anything for yourself or someone else who is not your friend, go back one step and select “My Games & Software Library”. From there you will be able to buy games or software without having access to someone else’s wishlists

How do I see someone else’s wishlist on steam?

If you have a friend who has made their wishlist public, then you can see it! If not, then there are two ways that they may be able to share this information with you. Firstly, they can add in your username as an exception so that any future purchases will automatically show on your account. Secondly, if they’ve set up a Steam Family Share plan with another person or people (they must all use the same credit card), then everyone using the shared group will be able to view every other member’s Wishlist and inventory details.

Steam has a wishlist feature that allows the user to track games they are interested in buying. It is possible to see someone else’s wishlist, but it does not work the same way as your own. In order to view another person’s Steam Wishlist, you need their profile URL and SteamID. You can find this information by doing a quick Google search or by using sites like SteamDB or Once you have this information, all there is left to do is log into steam on your account and click on “Wishlists” at the top of the page under “My Account”. From here you will be able to view any public profiles which have been shared with you.

How do I view someone’s Steam games?

If you are looking for someone’s Steam profile, the quickest way to find it is by using their username. You can search for a particular game that they have in their library and then click on the person’s name or avatar to open up their profile. From there, you will be able to see all of the games that they own and play.

Do you want to know how someone would go about viewing someone else’s steam games? The easiest way is usually just by clicking on their username on one of your friends’ profiles or from another player’s team page if they’re in a competitive match with them. From there, this should bring up an individual’s profile where all of his/her games will

If you’re a Steam user and want to view the list of games that someone is playing on their account, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is go to their profile page and from there click “Games.” This will direct you to a list of all the games they have played in one form or another. From this page, you can also see what percentage completion they have for each game and when they last played it. If you’re looking for help with viewing someone’s Steam games, then look no further!

How do I find someone’s Amazon wishlist?

If you need to find out what someone’s Amazon wishlist is, there are a few ways that you can go about it. You can search through the website for them, which will give you all of their public information. Or, if they have tagged themselves in any posts on Facebook or Instagram, then you should be able to find them from those sites as well. If these don’t work for some reason and their username isn’t available anywhere else on the internet either, then your best bet is to contact customer service at Amazon and ask them directly. This way they’ll know who specifically you’re looking for and be able to help answer any questions that may arise from this request.

Have you ever wanted to buy someone a gift and didn’t know what they want? Maybe you’re not sure of their tastes or don’t have enough time to shop. Fortunately, there is an easy way around this problem: find out what people would like by looking at their Amazon wish list. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to see the person’s likes and dislikes so that your gift will truly be something they’d love.

How do I find someone’s Amazon wishlist? Have you ever wanted to buy someone a gift and didn’t know what they want? Maybe you’re not sure of their tastes or don’t have enough time to shop.


Nobody likes to buy a game for their friend, only to find out they already have it. With the new Steam wishlist feature, you can keep track of games your friends are interested in and plan accordingly! You’ll be able to see what games your friends want on their account page under “Steam Wishlists.” Simply select the title from this list, and add it as a favorite or send them an email reminder when that game goes on sale. This way you won’t ever need to worry about buying another copy of one of these titles again!

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