How many endings does detroit become human have

In Detroit Become Human, players can choose to have three different endings. One ending is a happy ending, one is an unhappy ending and the other has no clear resolution. In this blog post I will be discussing my personal experience with all of the endings in Detroit Become Human as well as how they compare to each other and what it means for gaming today.

Detroit: Become Human has 6 different endings. They’re all unique and lead to different scenes.

What is the best ending in Detroit become human?

Detroit: Become Human is a video game that has many endings. There are six different paths to the true ending and there are two other possible endings with one being more difficult than the other. The easiest ending is if Connor dies, but this would be considered an anticlimactic way to finish the game. It’s best for players who want to go through Detroit without any consequences or sacrifices from their decisions in the game. The most difficult of these three endings can only be achieved by making all of your decisions right, never leaving any humans alive, and completing all side quests along with picking up every memory chip throughout the course of gameplay. This is not an easy task and will require at least five playthroughs in order for you to get this ending on.

If you want to know what the best ending is in Detroit become human, I recommend reading about it on Quora.

How many endings does Detroit become human have Reddit?

Detroit Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game that came out on May 25th,2018. It’s an interactive story where you play as androids who are trying to become human. There are 5 different endings in this game, but what if there were more? Reddit user TheBroomGuy created a post titled “I think I found another ending for Detroit: Become Human.” In the post the Redditor shows how they found every possible outcome of the game in just 10 minutes. They also posted spoilers of each ending so be wary before reading ahead!

1. The game is a story about an androgynous robot named Kara who has to find their way home
2. Detroit becomes human is set in 2038, when humans are struggling with poverty, crime, unemployment, and homelessness
3. In the game players can make decisions for Kara that will affect how they see themselves as well as other characters in the game
4. There are five different endings in total – two of which lead to death for Kara and three of which allow them to survive and go back home
5. In one ending they die because too many people were killed by robots during a violent uprising against them
6. In another ending they die after being shot by police officers while trying to escape from prison

That’s a tricky question. It depends on how you’re counting them, because there are at least 7 distinct endings in the game. The more traditional answers would be that it has 1 true ending, 3 normal endings and 4 bad ones depending.

How many hours Detroit become human?

In Detroit, Michigan there is a group of people who are committed to the idea that every person has the potential to become human. They believe in working hard and practicing kindness towards one another. Though they have a long way to go before their dream can be realized, these brave souls refuse to give up hope for themselves or others. Read on as we explore this unique perspective on humanity and learn more about this fantastic group of people.

1. Detroit became a human at the age of 18, when he was drafted into the Vietnam War
2. He served in the war for 6 years, leaving him with PTSD and other mental health issues
3. After his time in the military, Detroit found himself homeless on the streets of San Francisco
4. His life changed drastically after he met a man who had just been released from prison – this friend helped him get back on his feet again by giving him food and shelter for 3 months
5. Now, Detroit has dedicated his life to helping others find their way out of homelessness as well
6. In total, it took about 54 hours for Detroit to become human again (from draft notice to finding help)

Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game that takes place in the future, when androids are considered to be fully human.

How many endings does heavy rain have?

Heavy Rain is one of the most acclaimed video games of this generation. It’s an interactive experience that requires you to make decisions, which then determine the story and how it ends. The game has 5 possible endings, so there are many different ways you can play through the story and end up on a different ending than your friends who played Heavy Rain separately.

Heavy Rain is a game that was released in 2010. It tells the story of four playable characters who are trying to find out what happened to their missing children and wife/husband. The player is given different choices throughout the game, which can affect how the story unfolds. For example, there are two possible endings for Madison Page – one where she shoots herself with her husband’s gun, and one where she survives but never sees her son again. This leaves players wondering: how many different endings are there?

There are five different endings for Heavy Rain. The task of getting them all is not easy, but it’s worth the effort if you’re a fan of this fantastic game.


Detroit Become Human has three different endings. There is a happy ending, an unhappy ending, and a really sad but hopeful one that you can get if you make all the right decisions throughout the game. The game also asks players to decide whether or not they want to upload their data at the end of each chapter which could impact how certain characters react to them later on in the story based off what players have done previously in other chapters. This gives players control over who lives and dies as well as how much information about themselves they share with those around them. If this sounds like something you would enjoy playing, check out our review for more details!

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