What Is The Longest Song In The World

One of the longest songs in the world is a song called “Aux étoiles, les étoiles” by Charles Trenet. It’s been featured on dozens of television shows and movies over the years as well. The song was written for a movie that never got produced but it didn’t stop it from becoming one of the most popular French songs ever recorded. In fact, there are many versions with different lengths ranging from 4 minutes to 10 minutes long!

  1. The longest song in the world is “Aguas De Marco” by Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso, which lasts for 18 hours and 47 minutes.
  2. It was originally recorded live at a concert on March 12th, 1997, but it has been remastered since then to make it sound better.
  3. The song’s name translates to “Water from the March,” referring to an important date in Brazil’s history when people took to the streets demanding democracy after years of military dictatorship under President Joao Goulart (1961-1964).
  4. This song is not just long – it also features many different musical styles and instruments including bossa nova, samba, jazz and rock music as well as spoken word passages about life in Brazil during this time period.
  5.  There are only two other songs that have ever come close to matching its length – one called “La Leyenda del Tiempo” by Argentinian musician Astor Piazzolla which lasts for 17 hours and 29 minutes; and another called “The Longest Day” by Canadian band Godspeed You! Black Emperor which lasts for 20 hours and 10 minutes.”

The longest song in the world is “The Prayer of Queen Maria Luisa”, an 18th-century composition lasting more than 14 hours. It was performed at a festival in Spain on September 27, 1785 and required over 1,500 performers.

What are the top 10 longest songs?

What are the top 10 longest songs?
What are the top 10 longest songs?

Many people have a favorite song and like to listen to it over and over again. But what if you could hear the same song for hours on end? That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the longest songs ever recorded, so that you can find your new favorite tune!

  1. Flowered Up – Weekender (12.53*) …
  2. Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan (16.19) …
  3. Spiritualized – Cop Shoot Cop (17.14) …
  4. The Velvet Underground – Sister Ray (17.28) …
  5. New Order – Elegia (17.30) …
  6. Pink Floyd – Echoes (23.35) …
  7. Kraftwerk – Autobahn (22.43) …
  8. The Orb – The Blue Room (39.58)
  9. The Orb – The Blue Room (39.58)
  10. Kraftwerk – Autobahn (22.43)

After the success of “Hotel California”, the band released “The Long Run” in 1979, which is ten minutes longer than its predecessor. The album also yielded another top-ten hit with their song “Heartache Tonight”.

What is the longest song in rock and roll history?

It’s a question that has plagued rock and roll fans for decades: what is the longest song in rock and roll history? There are several contenders, but few can surpass the 17-minute duration of “The End” by The Doors. What makes this distinction so impressive is that it was recorded in 1966 on 4-track tape with no overdubs or edits.

The longest rock and roll song in history is “The End” by The Doors. It’s 8 minutes, 41 seconds long, and was released on the album titled “The Doors.”

Is I suffer more the shortest song?

Is I suffer more the shortest song?
Is I suffer more the shortest song?

In a world of short attention spans, it can be difficult to keep people interested in what you have to say. How do you make your blog post stand out in the sea of information? The key is to use interesting and captivating content that will draw readers in from the first sentence.

Some of the shortest songs in existence are popular and beloved. Here’s a list of some short songs – some obscure, some well-known – that you should listen to ASAP.

Who is the first song in the world?

The first song in the world is a question that has been debated for centuries. One theory is that there are many songs, but not one song was created by God. Another theory says that all songs come from one original tune which originated with a single note played by God. There are also those who believe music and singing were given to humans as gifts from the angels of heaven or other divine beings.

1. The first song in the world is “Nana Nana”
2. The song was written by a man named James Thornton and published in 1878
3. It’s unclear how popular this song has been, but it can be found on YouTube with over 2 million views
4. This song is about an old woman who goes to sleep and dreams of her childhood home
5. In the dream, she sees a beautiful garden where children are playing around
6. She wakes up from her dream and realizes that she has grown old and will never see her family again

La primera canción de todos los tiempos fue “Nana” en el año 1740 por Francesca da Rimini, una composición italiana.

Who is the youngest singer that is famous?

The youngest singer that is famous is a one year old named Baby A!
This little girl has an Instagram account with over 700k followers and she can sing like her idol Adele. What’s really cute about Baby A is that she loves to dance around the house while belting out tunes from Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber.

The youngest singer that is famous is Justin Bieber. He was discovered by Scooter Braun and signed to RBMG, a joint venture between Usher and Braun’s SB Projects.

How old is the oldest song?

Some of the oldest songs known to man date back as far as 3,400 years ago. The music is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and was used for many purposes including religious ceremonies, funerals and entertaining guests.

1. The oldest song is “Sumer Is Icumen In”
2. It was written in the 1300s and it’s about the coming of spring
3. There are many different versions of this song, but they all share a common theme
4. This song has been translated into many languages, including Latin, French, and German
5. The first verse goes like this – “Sumer is icumen in; Lhude sing cuccu! Groweth sed and bloweth med; And springth the wde nu.”
6. That means “Summer has come in; Loudly sing cuckoo! Grows seed and blows mead; And springs the wide new.”

The oldest song in existence dates back to 500 BC and is titled “The Hurrian Hymn Hymn to Nikkal”. It was discovered on clay tablets that were found in the ancient city of Ugarit.


The longest song in the world is “The Little Match Girl Passion” by Danish composer Hans Christian Lumbye. It lasts for a whopping 8 hours and 6 minutes, with each verse taking about an hour to complete. This track was originally recorded on two 78-rpm discs which were released back in 1859 and 1860 respectively. To this day, it remains one of Denmark’s most popular pieces of music as well as its oldest recording!

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